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Our top priority is to assist you in making informed financial choices that will have a positive impact on your life now and in the future. With a wealth of experience in the financial services industry, we offer professional guidance and education tailored to your unique financial needs. We understand that each client is different, and our comprehensive approach to financial planning means that we will work with you to create a plan that seeks to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our services are broken down into three main categories: planning, insurance, and investments.


We offer two options to suit your needs. Our comprehensive financial planning services involve working with you to identify areas that require attention and developing a personalized plan to assist you in working towards your financial goals. For those with specific questions, we offer consultative services, where Joan will gather the necessary information to provide accurate and complete recommendations.


We can assist with life, disability, and long-term care protection. We understand the importance of protecting your income and assets and maintaining your dignity and independence. We are here to assist you to make informed decisions in this regard.


We offer a wide range of options, including managed accounts, alternative investments, mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, annuities, and bonds. Our goal is to support your growth and diversify your wealth and reach financial independence.

As your financial coach, we work to guide you in making wise, well-informed decisions about consequence management, investments, and retirement plans so that you can pursue financial independence and confidence.

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